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The lessons are by appointment only:

"Basics" Session - $170 ( 2 hrs.) We begin with the 3 and 5 meter trainer kites. We will also cover the major safety issues as you are getting comfortable flying the smaller kites. You will progress to sand dragging with the smaller 4 line kites. The next step is purchasing a kite. Whether you choose the 3 meter trainer kite ($200) or a used kite 4 line kite (approx. $500), you will need to practice multiple hours on multiple days on your own (with a friend for safety) applying the principles from this lesson.

"Water" Session - $250 (2 hours) Body dragging in the bay (followed by the small jet boat). Applying the principles from the basic session, but having to be more precise as you loose wind speed with your movement (down wind) in the water. Most students progress to actually riding the board during this second session.

"Riding" Session - $125 per hour (minimum 2 hours). Riding sessions are in the bay. We basically follow you in the boat, offering tips and pointers as you develop your skills. This time can be shared with multiple students if you wish. (One kite at a time.)

As you understand the power window of the wind, You will find the position where the kite consistently and smoothly pulls you on the sand or though the water. To then put the board on your feet and do the same with the kite is a smooth transition.

You may already be accustom to flying a 2 line stunt / power kite. The more time that you have spent flying a two line power kite before your lesson, the quicker you will progress.

After the training, if you "love it", then we can recommend and sell the full package of Kite, board, harness, wet and/or dry suit, etc.

For more information, or to schedule a Lesson, Contact: Sam Whitt CL 251-213-3570

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